What we have at
new england's largest used bookstore


We are the largest used book store in New England! Our store has over 100,000 books to choose from!

We have a huge selection with books added to the sales floor every day! 


We carry the latest best sellers! All of our new books start at 20% off of the publishers price. 

It gets even better! If you finish one of our books that has a red, white or blue label within 60 days and hold on to your receipt, we’ll buy it back from you for half of what you paid in store credit!


We have sections for both Graphic Novels & Manga! We currently have an extensive selection of both types of books! Prices vary, but the starting prices are 20% off of what the publisher sells them as!

We are always looking to expand! If you are looking to get rid of any Graphic Novels/Manga we will buy them from you as long as they are in good condition. 


Our store offers a huge selection of childrens’ books! From Chapter books to Kids Graphic Novels, we have it all!

Whether you are looking for some of the classics or newer titles, we carry all sorts of kids books! 

If you are looking to get rid of any childrens’ books, we are currently only buying them if they were published within the last five years!



We put out new Cds every Monday! Cds are priced with colored stickers. Prices vary from $0.49 to $1.99! Our colored stickers allow us to track how long a Cd has been in our store and make room for newer ones!

Games are located in our $0.99 room! We currently have 2 tall fixtures full and they are listed at different low prices! 

Currently, we only take both Cds and Games as a donation, but you will get a 15% off used items coupons when you make a donation! 


We put out a new selection of records every Saturday! As the week goes on, the price of the vinyls decrease!

Along with our LPs, we also carry 45s!  They are the same price. (While supplies last)

We purchase vinyls as well! Older records start at $0.40 a piece, but we are also very interested in newer music as well! 

Dvds & comics

We have an extensive collection of DVDs!  We carry Blu-rays, Boxsets, DVDs, Kids movies, and more! We even have an entire $0.99 DVD section!

We put out new comics very often! They are typically sold at $1.99 a piece, but keep an eye out because we often have huge sales! 

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