Q: Do you accept donations?

A: Yes! Bring by books and other media like DVDs and CDs to donate, and get a 15% off coupon to use the same day when you do so! We even accept board games and puzzles. There’s a canvas bin labeled “Drop Off” when you walk inside where you can put your donations. If you stop by when we’re closed, drop them in the purple bin right outside our entrance.

Q: Are you pet friendly?

A: Yes! Pets are welcome as long as they are leashed.

Q: Do you sell gift cards?

A: Yes! You can choose your own denomination for your gift card(s), and they never expire.

Drop donations in the canvas cart pictured above (color may change), and someone at the buying counter or behind the registers will get you a coupon.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We do not accept returns, only exchanges. You can exchange only books (new or used) within 2 days of purchase and with your original receipt.

Q: Do you have an online inventory?

A: We don’t currently have an online inventory available to the public. But give us a call at 781-272-6650 and we can search for the title you’re looking for, as we do have a partial inventory available to staff (and we’re adding more to it every day).

Q: Do you have a teacher discount?

A: We offer teachers and veterans 20% off their used items every Tuesday and Wednesday. Just show your teacher or veteran ID at the registers.


Q: Do I need an appointment to sell books?

A: No! Come in any time we’re open and proceed to the black counter by the entrance. We have shopping carts if you have too many books to carry into the store. If you have a large quantity (more than 4 bags or boxes), please drive to the back of the store and ring the bell to the left of the silver garage door. Someone will come out to assist you.

Q: What kind of payment do I get when I sell books?

A: Store credit, or half the credit value in cash. All offers are made as store credit. Having trouble deciding? Choose store credit, as it never expires and can be redeemed for half the value in cash at any time. (Cash amounts $50 and more will be written as a check.)

See our buying counter above, designed to make selling stuff to us easy and quick.

Q: Does store credit expire?

A: No! Store credit never expires. It’s saved in our system under your name/phone number until you’re ready to use it, or cash it out.

Q: Can my family/friends use my store credit?

A: Yes! If you want a family member or friend to be able to use your credit, all they’d have to do is give your name and/or phone number at the register when they check out.

Q: What if I have books to sell AND donate?

A: It’s helpful if you sort through them and determine which ones are to donate and which ones we can buy (especially if you have a large quantity), but it’s not required. Click here to find out what we can buy.

Q: How do you know when a book was published?

A: You can find a book’s publishing date typically within the first few pages. (Not in the first few pages? Check the last few instead.) Note: copyright date is not always the same as publishing date. We use the most recent publishing date for each book.

See an example of a copyright page to the right. Some books may have more than one year listed if it’s been reprinted. Many books get reprinted with new covers.

Q: What if I have a lot of stuff to sell/donate?

A: If you have more than 4 medium-sized boxes, drive around to the back of the store and ring the bell to the left of the silver garage door for assistance. If you’re selling, it’s best to do so Monday through Thursday before 3 PM, otherwise we can’t guarantee we’ll get to your books the same day you drop them off.